3 Fragen an Herald K: Arethusa

On 24th of june 2022 Herald K will publish a new single: „Arethusa“.






What does „Arethusa“ refer to?

It is based on an ancient Greek myth: Arethusa was a water nymph. One day she was bathing in a river, and the river became infatuated with her. This scared her, and she tried to escape. Eventually she managed to get away from the river by transforming herself into a stream, flowing under the sea until she reached Sicily, where she became a spring of fresh water.



Who participated on the recording?

This song is the result of a wonderful collaboration: Five musicians working together for the first time! The old instrument Nyckelharpa (played by Stephan Steiner) adding special colour, two amazing singers (Jessica Slavik and Lina Louise) bringing the female dimension so essential for this song, and a producer specializing in acoustic music (Robin Gillard), who also plays bass guitar, all contribute uniquely to this track, where I sing and play the guitar.



Where will you play live next?

Next time I play my own songs will be: Fri, Jul 8, at: Music Star, Marktplatz 11, Norderstedt, Germany. Opening for Canadian singer-songwriter Freeman Dre in the wonderful Music Star venue in Norderstedt, near Hamburg.


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